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how to do when jeans fade

1 jeans, the best cleaning time was 6-12 months friends wearing jeans a week or a little sweat put (dirty) in the washing machine, this pair of jeans are too big, long-term do it will make the shape out of shape your jeans Oh, wear will not be have personal comfort and beautiful legs. The correct method should be as far as possible, 6-12 months clean, if the summer sweat a lot, you can own the jeans hanging ventilated place, spray some water, let it dry wind, so jeans sweat will not stick on the jeans; if some clean Dongdong, you can spray water in place the stolen goods, and then gently pinch off the dirty stuff, and then again hanging in well ventilated place, let it dry well!
2, the first clean dry cleaning or washing oh don't you have a certain impression: jeans washing dried out again when must be hard, which is why you in addition to washing powder, a layer of glue is also one of the reasons is the denim on. So, the first clean, try not to use the machine wash or dry cleaning, it is best to wear on his body clean, so wash jeans, jeans will make more in line with his leg type, wear out the effect will be even better. After cleaning, or have to hang in the same place in the ventilation, let it dry.
3, in jeans washing will have to do some color Oh jeans before washing must do some basic color retention treatment, or will soon be washed jeans Oh color retention treatment is simple, pair of jeans soaked before washing in the basin of water, then add two teaspoons of vinegar, soak about half an hour, so jeans would not be so serious.