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You should know the jeans maintenance method

Bleaching method:
A, the first time in the water before dark jeans with white vinegar (white vinegar + water: water, 1:20) or with saline soak for about 20 to 30 minutes compared to the original color.
B, dark and light color separate wash: mix together will cause the color mutual dyeing.
C, do not use bleach. Do not use enzymes with blue particles of washing powder washing, because the enzyme detergent powder bleaching effect on the color of jeans.
D, avoid direct sunlight: direct sunlight will cause serious oxidative discoloration.
E, dry ventilated place: no ventilation will make pants are not easy to dry and will produce odor.
F, as far as possible, the negative side wash.
The application of G, hand wash jeans, try not to use the washing machine and a brush, which can effectively maintain the primary colors of jeans.
Basic maintenance method:
A, dark blue jeans wear about 3 to 5 times a week or once.
B, light color: white, khaki, camel... As the case may be dirty.
C, the new color (dark blue) secret jeans have a second-hand or very old and personal style of the natural fade effect......
The last is some tips for jeans, first wash can be dry wet wear faster production lines; for desizing of jeans, can simply use some cornstarch water after sprayed on the surface to make jeans jeans harden. Before the jeans in the washing machine washing, it is best to avoid the zipper zipper pull, washing to the final deformation, and is not good to wear. Washing and maintenance of jeans to buy new jeans, first soaked in brine (salt water tastes salty as long as you can), over the whole day, and then hand rub, do not use washing machine. Usually when washing, if you will then clean dry out in the rollover, the jeans folded into the laundry bag (or hand wash), cleaner use dish detergent (because the general washing powder in order to have white effect, but also to grease)) or other jeans contain a layer of fabric dyeing clothes glue (New clothes taste), can make clothes soft, can prevent color fade. For not too dirty jeans, the use of detergent can be washed, try not to use detergent, washing powder in general contain a certain proportion of bleaching powder, easy to make jeans fade. In addition, please turn the jeans face cleaning, which can effectively extend its life. Maintenance method is: can not be washed with water, through the jeans should be packed into the refrigerator frozen sterilization, and then you can continue to wear.