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Wholesale jeans need to pay attention to what problems?

The streets more and more jeans store, which is in accord with the characteristics of the pursuit of beautiful young people, let us witness a new venture investment project -- jeans store! But the venture investment projects will also require all investors to polish his eyes, right from wrong can easily make a lot of money. Below the small series of China jeans industry network to provide you with some jeans wholesale need to pay attention to the place.
First, small code (which is also the most common problems of denim stretch pants) with some friends have to stretch a waistband on.
Second, the color problem. First ask the boss pants have Yin and Yang color, make the pants out flat, find a good point of light, the control, the front piece, pants head, nose, descendants of color is not the same as ` ` if there is color, it is a serious quality problem, the goods are not just the boss how to blow it. The goods are difficult to handle.
Third, twisted feet, flat on his trousers, braces, see the bone on both sides of the line and the bottom line of the waves is symmetrical, tiled pants on the ground is flat, if every tile four symmetry, but it is not flat, which are generally twisted legs. But also the asymmetric torsional leg tile. This kind of pants do not wear comfortable, looks very strange, many novice did not pay attention to this problem, is one of the more common problems
Well, there are fourth points, or crushed do monkey pants, or tile, on both sides is symmetrical, who is not prepared to look natural,
Preparation tool: measuring ruler. Sampling test (do not take someone else to hang out the pants look), before their own test, ask the boss, a few serious quality problems pants. Whether the number is correct, whether the Yin and Yang color, whether or not to twist the foot.