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What is the difference between washed jeans and washed jeans?

The lines on the knees of the jeans are called the cats, and the place where the knees are bent is called the honeycomb, which has been designed and done before selling to the seller,
Without washing, it is jeans, jeans are not characteristic features, generally a little hard, too thick a little heavier,
Time in the production of jeans in order to facilitate the cutting in the cloth on a layer of pulp, cloth will harden, it is still the primary pulp layer above, so it is relatively hard, water washing or wear friction will naturally fall off, this layer of pulp removed, and hot water will make the primary cattle shrink, jeans more personal, so a lot of game player will shrink primary cattle wearing pants, jeans for your skin.
The jeans fun is this is a belong to your own pants, these pants are second layers of your skin, in a few months a few years later, it will slowly because of the habit of living habits of your behavior, showing one of the one and only slowly bristles and honeycomb, this is only a pair of jeans the whole world, only belong to your jeans.