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What is the correct way to wash jeans

What is the correct way to wash jeans jeans? If washing is not proper, it would be easy to deform and fade. If you do not know how to properly wash the MM to look at the small series recommended.
1, finishing into the water.
That is to say, in the cleaning of new jeans, first jeans, and put all the zippers, buttons fastened, but also to maintain this state in the air, so that can not only ensure the jeans deformation in cleaning and drying, can effectively prevent the damage of detergent and ultraviolet light on the new pants. This step of the new jeans do not fade very effect.
2, away from the bleaching agent.
Bleach can be said to be the enemy of the new jeans, because we all know, is a necessary procedure of jeans dyeing, whether it is dark or light colored jeans, processes are not disseminated pigment, if the choice of bleaching agent in the washing process, will make the color bright jeans become mottled, difficult to wear out. At the same time, we must remind you that do not use hot water when washing, which will make new jeans damaged. The most suitable water temperature should be below 20 C.
3, do not rub.
Many of my friends love under Henjin in washing clothes, desperately rub, but does not know that this is the new taboo wash jeans. Rubbing will not only make new jeans on the color is severely damaged, it will cause the deformation of new jeans, let you wear it, there is the feeling in want of perfection. The correct way of washing should be the first to use the right amount of washing powder dissolved in cold water, add new jeans, soak for about 20 minutes, then gently squeeze, the final rinse repeatedly washed 3-4 times, this new jeans washed out is not easy to fade.
4, add salt and vinegar.
Some people will say, wash their jeans is not cooking, why add salt and vinegar? The reason is simple, because salt and vinegar can reduce the degree of new jeans fade. After the new jeans to buy back, the first 10 grams of salt into cold water, to be completely dissolved, put the new jeans into the water, soak the whole day, the morning of the second day and then rinse with clean water can be. Wait until the jeans dry, with 1:20 white vinegar mixed with water, in which the jeans will soak 20-30 minutes, then the same with water Xian net. After these two steps, your new jeans won't fade.

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