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What are the characteristics of a good pair of jeans?

1、The intrinsic quality of 1 jeans, mainly by the quality of the fabric, version of the design, quality, water quality, processing quality and other aspects of the composition of materials. A pair of jeans is high-grade, in addition to the work of exquisite and version design is better than the outside, the fabric and wash the water almost decided the grade of the whole pants.
2、 the density of the fabric itself is very high, and the cotton yarn is dense and the fiber is high. (this kind of cloth is usually the best, wear-resisting, durable and usually cotton fiber is long, but the disadvantage is usually very slowly with beautiful color fall, the old jeans, should actually be more valuable, but also more beautiful. )
3、the yarn density is not high but a single yarn will feel very thick, in sizing state very stiff, but usually go after abnormal soft pulp. Due to the use of cotton quality is poor, fiber is shorter, so in the process of wear and tear because of the easy to loose fiber, peeling, and there will be a short period of time to produce a clear color fall phenomenon. Often mistaken for great material.
4 、you can turn the trousers look, lock lines, car line quality is relatively easy to see. In the zipper, all kinds of lines more, can also see that Turner is refined, but also pay attention to the quality inspection line bartack. There is a simple way, how to see quality, look at the light inside the pants waist position mark mark car can be good. Because the mark is usually quite small, the lathe is a test car line, small things but not easy good. Don't forget about the quality of the quality of sewing sewing thread, usually low-grade goods line quality is poor, a pull off.