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Trend analysis of jeans spring in -2017

Although it is able to wear jeans all the year round the baby, but now is the spring season, it is more and more warm, you sure last year to buy fashionable jeans? So Jinming today to take a look at the laser analysis of the trend of fashion jeans in 2016, featured five slim and trendy style for your reference, free and relaxed comfortable love to you do not hurry to van get!
1, seven jeans
Do not underestimate the seven jeans, from the beginning of last year has been booming fire ah now, although some people think that this length tend to show short legs, but in fact the style will not have this problem, for example, petite girls avoid wearing wide legs, legs bad can choose Weila money. In a word, there is no such thing as a pair of seven jeans!
2, do old jeans
As the saying goes, the wine is Chen fragrant pants are old beauty, even more durable material tannins will change over time, but some people just love this time with sense of taste, so do the old jeans are very popular Oh! Of course if you do not have the "cattle" habit, buy ready-made old also OK.
3, decorative jeans
Compared with other materials like tannins symbol sense more strongly, but this does not mean you can't make new changes to. For example, fine embroidery decoration can make jeans become more delicate, then add a few decorative stones or silk gorgeous feeling, add some adorable cartoon very suction eye.
4, horn jeans
From last year to fire flares can now be said to be an official resurgence, Fashion Week Street has been occupying the high exposure rate, the long sweep and capable of eight points is the two most popular, the former can successfully extend the leg line, while the latter can regulate the leg type effect!
5, flash jeans
Some people love cattle, some people love jeans "shabby fan children, in addition to the hole, one can deduce jeans casual uninhibited feeling is the flash! Actually this flash effect you can easily do it completely, if you have a tired also wear reluctant to throw jeans, then try to TA processing into flash paragraph also good oh!