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The small pocket on the right side of jeans

Is listed as "all-match clothing first" jeans, everybody loves, regardless of gender, the wardrobe will have one, but you know the right pocket jeans on a small pocket, is what to do with? </p><p> days ago, curious friends launched big discussion, reply netizen "clean heart 11" ask questions, explore the real use of a small pocket, and with friends in a small pocket in all kinds of items is. </p><p> "when I was a child to let go of coins, and later lost." "Loading machine, or the car keys." "Put the PHS mobile phone drops, I saw a person in the pocket to put right the PHS mobile phone." "Insert a finger." "Let go of keys and coins, and later I found out that it was not for color matching."...... Netizen "crazy play fitness" said that the earliest jeans are American gold, because the day in the hills to dig gold, it is easy to wear pants, a tarpaulin manufacturers sell a backlog, sell gold pants, special anti-wear, the small pocket is gold. </p><p> is a professional fashion design experts said that jeans from the United States, in the gold rush era at the end of nineteenth Century, the watch also is not popular, most people use the pocket watch. The miners have stooped to dig it, watch it easy to fall out. So to the miners to customers jeans manufacturers will specialize in a small bag to watch for small miners. The other 4 jeans a big bag is used to put up. Changchun, a college of fashion design professional teachers, and now on the small pocket jeans are decorative.