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The evolution history of jeans fabric

Mainly in cotton denim, but also the development of the structure of a variety of raw materials, cotton, wool, silk, hemp is natural fiber, and chemical fiber blended, and elastic yarn, tight twist yarn, fancy yarn as raw material. Now more of the cotton, cotton and polyester cotton blended ammonia, ammonia content, high elastic spandex is bigger. 7*7, 7*6, 7*8 count, 10*7 and other specifications,
The organizational structure is (2/1, 3/1, 1/3 twill, twill), radial compactness is greater than the zonal, denim color from light blue, indigo, vulcanized to black, white, color etc..
Denim finishing process, this is the development of an important part of the series of varieties of denim. Which mainly include: enzyme, stone, sandblasting, cat, silicone oil, bleaching, printing, snow wash. Stone finishing, irregular friction using special pumice and cowboy clothing, have old washed jeans, that is new as the old, but clean as new; mainly using biological enzyme washing
Physical decomposition on the denim sizing to dye fabric peeling, become soft, bright color, but also has some old washed effect; sandblasting from raw material is divided into two types: one is the emery, a Potassium Permanganate, both of which are high pressure emery or Potassium Permanganate spray to make the clothes. Spray position lighter has reached a worn-out effect of man-made, usually in the front and rear side of the thigh
As the name suggests is a cat; cat beard, evolution of cat must wash water body is worn, in a natural extension joint friction parts of the old song like cat like effects, with the nostalgic wind prevails, this process is more and more used in the arm, wrist, knee axillary femoral etc.; silicone oil is a good softener, it usually used together with other processes; rinse out jeans
White, usually in the spring and summer styles using more; color refers to the jeans were stained for jeans single color defects; snow finishing, the cloth produced irregular fade with different process and acid etching agent, create a romantic style, marble appearance or irregular snowflakes white.