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The easiest mistake to wear jeans

Jeans are becoming one of the most basic clothes for people because they are comfortable and suitable for all occasions. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when they wear jeans:
It's best to have a belt for your jeans. If the relatively thick waist, a good way is wearing a denim jacket to cover thick waist, instead of the shirt, T-shirt into the beam waist.
Choose low waist jeans short waist, waist long choose high waist jeans, but not vice.
The buttocks are thin and small, want to choose to have the big pocket of the back, the line of the decoration is complicated of the jeans; the person of the buttock is full of people to choose to fit, dark color and have the pocket in front of more slender.
Thick legs and short legs to choose straight or Weila type, there is no back pocket, front pocket is best oblique mouth, and part of the modification will not have horizontal legs. Narrow leg pants are popular, but it will only make your flaws more exposed.