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The definition of slub denim

The definition of slub denim
When different yarn, slub coarse with different design (basic yarn and slub yarn of bamboo section ratio), length and pitch, using single warp or single weft and warp and weft are equipped with two-way slub yarn, normal yarn with the same number or different number of appropriate proportion and arrangement, can produce bamboo a variety of denim, the clothing washing is processed to form a variety of different
The hazy or clearer style of jeans, welcomed by the consumer demand groups. Slub denim early is used in almost all ring slub yarn spinning, because of its short length, the pitch is smaller, relatively large density of slub yarn, cloth is easy to form a dense decorative effect, and with bamboo. With the development of market demand
The popular show, warp and weft slub denim, especially weft elastic two-way slub denim products, domestic and foreign markets are very popular. Some varieties as long as the organization structure design well, can be used to the single variety of ring spun yarn, weft slub yarn with the proper proportion, also can achieve the effect of warp and weft slub denim.