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The definition of ring spun yarn for denim

The definition of ring spun yarn for denim
With the development and application of ring spinning high speed, big package, fine couplet, knotless new process equipment, coarse yarn spinning short length, low production efficiency, knot many shortcomings have been resolved. The yarn is the yarn denim air instead of the situation is rapidly changing, ring spinning great comeback. Because some of the ring spun yarn denim yarn is better than air
For example, handle, drape, tear strength, but also because of people's psychological return to nature, the pursuit of the original development of the influence of cowboy style, the more important reason is that the ring spun yarn denim clothing after washing after processing, the surface will be showing a hazy bamboo style, is in line with the demand for personalized jeans. In addition, the market is very popular
Slub yarn and ring spun slub denim, can be spun with short and dense bamboo, but also promoted the development momentum of ring spun denim.