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The definition of elastic denim

The definition of elastic denim
The spandex elastic yarn, the cowboy variety has developed into a new field, can make the jeans both close and comfortable, with bamboo or different color, make the products more adapted to cowboy fashion, personalized consumer demand, and thus have great potential for development. At present most stretch denim weft elasticity, the elastic elongation is 20% ~ 40%, the elastic elongation depends on the size of the organization in the design of fabrics, cloth on warp tension of the organization of the smaller, more elastic, on the other hand, in the warp yarn tissue tightness under the conditions of fixed weft elastic the greater the tension of the yarn strength, elasticity is smaller, the zonal density reaches a certain degree, or even the loss of elasticity. In addition, the outstanding problem of elastic denim finished fabric is zonal shrinkage is too large, generally more than 10%, even up to more than 20% individual. The width of instability has caused great difficulties to the garment production, the solution is in the design of products do not make elastic extension through the large, generally from 20% to 30%, that is to maintain a certain latitude to the organization and in the tension of the sanforizing when taken to increase the tension of the appropriate method, the cloth will have large shrinkage, thus get the finished fabric weft lower residual shrinkage; another solution is the stretch denim sanforizing after heat treatment, it can obtain a more uniform width and more stable, low weft shrinkage, meet the production requirements of garment processing.