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The definition of color denim

The definition of color denim
The main indigo bromide (commonly known as blue denim Market) and black denim, and color by sulfide dye coffee, green, grey, khaki, sulfur blue denim, and a small amount of staining with naphthol dyes red, pink, light pink denim and so on, although the production of small quantities, but the market demand is urgent often, can not meet the needs of. The main problem is the color of light is not stable enough, attention has poor dyeing, clothing manufacturers are not satisfied, it is with the production volume is not a color, too much, but by the joint machine of printing and dyeing production what color varieties difficult, high consumption and high cost, and difficult to sewage treatment and so on, also have a certain impact. The solution is designed to minimize the number of color matching, as far as possible the use of two color, no more than three color, or by other stable dyes to replace, in order to adapt to the production characteristics of dyeing online platform, get the dyeing effect was stable; the two is completely resolved or by yarn dyed yarn dyeing factory of large capacity, production process of warping to produce color denim ideal.