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Teach you how to wear jeans in different occasions

1 date wearing jeans
Who says that a single piece of denim can only make you look casual and casual? Well, you can still look sexy and charming, with an eye-catching jewelry and a pair of beautiful sexy high heels, so you can easily go dating!
2 go on vacation
This more relaxed leisure occasions, it is free time collocation single product jeans and a denim jacket or a pair of jeans, is the choice of the pose, vacation cowboy collocation can try to wear comfortable, whether it is from the choice of styles, or single product collocation, are not too limited.
3 go to PARTY
You can give up the little black dress! Because the cowboy still can let you shine on the PARTY note, a fur coat collocation (artificial oh) or collocation a gorgeous shawl.
4 make your jeans look different
Of course, you can also choose different styles and different elements of the cowboy single product, give up a single style and fabric, so that the cowboy has a different feeling.
5 highlight the sweet taste of jeans
You can also create a tough cowboy soft woman image, such as collocation some sweet girl single product: a class of elements, sequins lace, cowboy collocation can make you look very lovely amiable and easy of approach. Although the cowboy all-match like BONOBO JEANS, but this kind of style is more diverse cowboy choice lady, to harmony, and various occasions around girls, happy about it!