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Skinny jeans are out of date. Are you still wearing them?

Jeans good is to say nothing, but recently, many medical experts have said that long-term wearing jeans may lead to health problems.
Last year, Australia a woman to help a friend move, long time squat work, wearing tight jeans to her feet paralysis to walk, this thought is numb feet did not think a few hours after coming, finally was sent to the hospital.
At that time, she was very swollen legs, jeans need to be cut in order to take off, the girl finally admitted to hospital 4 days to normal walking. As a result, CNN, Telegraph are competing to report, what is it?
The design of Skinny Jeans curve is to emphasize the beautiful lady, so very close, denim is almost fully stretched on the skin, no extra space.
And the woman is a long squat, legs bent, so that the body has been narrow narrow jeans. The cloth pulling legs, seriously affecting blood circulation, blood flow to the leg without enough, resulting in paralysis syndrome.
Department of Neurosurgery, neurology and psychiatry "Journal" published a research report said: "fashion victims, who dressed in tight jeans" squat caused rhabdomyolysis, peroneal nerve and tibial nerve on both sides.
Medical tests showed that the content of creatine kinase in vivo exceed the standard of the woman (a marker of muscle injury), if not a long time to get treatment, there may even damage the kidneys, fortunately timely treatment she returned to normal.
In addition to this incident, the health risks of jeans is actually nothing new. In front of the tight pants affect the blood circulation, in female menstrual period, this situation is particularly serious.
Menstrual cramps, stomach to bilge, stuffy, if not by Cowboy brand oppression, more likely to cause discomfort. So the day of the girls try to avoid wearing tight pants.
Jeans itself thick texture, good air permeability, design coupled with the narrow body close to the triangle girl, very easy to breed bacteria, and the bacteria remain in the region.
And women's special physiological structure, very sensitive, easy to suffer from urinary tract infection and vaginitis and other diseases. In this case, tight jeans, especially in the need to keep warm pants winter is not so perfect!
In fact, apart from health hazards, fashion circles for tight jeans are less and less. The circle has recently become popular with various stylish range of children, as for those hard figures are a thing of the past, red net!