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Six types of jeans fabric

Six types of jeans fabric
1, ring spun yarn denim
The surface appears hazy bamboo style, is in line with the demand for personalized jeans. In addition, the current market is very popular slub denim, and ring spunslub can be spun with short and dense bamboo, but also promoted the development momentum of ring spun denim.
2, Weft Stretch Denim
The spandex elastic yarn, the cowboy variety has developed into a new field, can make the jeans both close and comfortable, with bamboo or different color, make the products more adapted to cowboy fashion, personalized consumer demand, and thus have great potential for development.
3, weft slub denim
When different yarn, slub coarse with different design (basic yarn and slub yarn of bamboo section ratio), length and pitch, using single warp or single weft and warp and weft are equipped with two-way slub yarn, normal yarn with the same number or different number of appropriate proportion and arrangement, can produce bamboo a variety of denim, the clothing washing is processed to form a variety of hazy or clear grid style jeans, by the consumer demand for personalized groups welcome.
4, color denim
Color, color change increased indigo denim varieties, various color varieties are now extremely popular cowboy. For example, the indigo dyed indigo dyed black green, green, black sulfide, sulfur blue and so on, to meet the market demand for personalized. At the same time the production of denim factory new varieties of denim each have a unique patent, to improve the competitiveness of the market.
5, what color (color) denim
The main indigo bromide (commonly known as blue denim Market) and black denim, and color by sulfide dye coffee, green, grey, khaki, sulfur blue denim, and a small amount of staining with naphthol dyes red, pink, light pink denim and so on, although the production of small quantities, but the market demand is urgent often, can not meet the needs of.
6, the indigo dyed denim
Because of the super deep indigo or indigo dyed denim clothing made by washing after processing, can obtain the special effect of bright color bright, widely welcomed by consumers. "Super indigo denim dyeing" has two major characteristics: the depth of dyeing and washing fastness especially deep especially good.