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Jeans sewing process

Will be a good piece of clothing sub package, according to the technical arrangements were sent to the designated assembly line sewing. Before and after sewing, the sewing of the front and the back sheets is carried out at the same time,
Inspection of semi-finished products. Lock eyes, to conduct the same test. Some individual processes, such as business wear loops, pockets of sand, clean cut head, rivet and screw buckle etc, the process can be flexibly arranged in the production process.
Making five bags of common zipper placket jeans, the process can be divided into five groups: front, front placket zipper, and do everything to do, after assembling suture, knot button and buttonhole.
(the process is flexible, according to the requirements and customized version of the factory, do the front piece and the back piece, do do fly, waistband on trip, assembling suture, button keyhole)