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Jeans production process

1, car line: mostly for 2 points and 2 points of unilateral double line, single line, 2 bilateral double needle car line, color is usually yellow (such as color line) have color line, pay attention to with washing water after the cloth color line. Special process line, such as word line. Bold hand embroidery thread. Bartack.
2 ingredients: mainly use jeans button, four button, hit nails, corns, leather, metal zipper etc.. 3 marks: including the main label, size label, washing mark, side mark flag label, etc....... Due to the shrinkage problem of denim jeans, denim factory in the most busy, ordinary denim will also have 2% - 3% horizontal shrinkage, shrinkage and stretch denim can reach more than 10%, with each volume of denim fabric is different, so the master always play a cowboy version of endless...... Generally do casual jeans more, and this type of version are mostly flat cutting, the key is how to determine the size...... The elastic denim (including Lycra) could be in big trouble, this kind of cloth is often used to do women's jackets, personal low-rise jeans, plus more than 10% of the shrinkage version constantly adjustment, but also the most taboo, jeans each wrinkle, is sticking to the body, but in recent years, some big brands launched three we learn to cut, cut almost at the knee fold increase, or more, better jeans freely...... Cowboy suit cutting can reflect a version of the division of power, especially the use of elastic higher, it is difficult to sleeve do not wrinkle, smooth and beautiful appearance...... Talk about the cowboy decoration: trends in recent years has been the cowboy and was different, in addition to changes in design is very particular about the washing water, also attaches great importance to decoration process: 1, cowboy cowboy jeans will flash, foot, trousers, use scissors to trim the rags, plus many special line; big brands also do so well...... 2, with embroidery, including computer embroidery pattern of flower design......
3, this is very hot drilling, the Russian market welcome......
4, embroidered fabrics, embroidery, embroidery, a process design......
5, mortar printing: but be careful will feel hard, in the wash water will easily fall off pattern......
6, laser: burn all color cloth, revealing itself cloth embryo color, with the effect of rendering...... The cowboy can also with different cloth collocation, such as wool, leather, corduroy, thick (fleece sweater, knitted cloth etc.) combine; cowboy can do many styles, including five bags of jeans, denim shirt, denim jacket, skirt, coat and so on, which is the creative and talented where you......