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Jeans fabric introduction

Jeans fabric
Elastic and inelastic
Ordinary cowboy, cowboy, combed cotton denim, stretch denim, slub denim, denim, gold and silver ring spun silk ribbon, cotton denim fabric
Denim thickness classification: 4.5 Ann 6 Ann 8 Ann 10 Ann 11 Ann 12 Ann 13.5 Ann 14.5 ANN
4.5 Ann very thin can do summer ladies vest
14.5 men can do very thick winter cotton padded coat
Fabric types: plain twill woven herringbone pattern bamboo dark stripe flocking denim
Ingredients: 100% cotton carded combed cotton blended Tencel
1, mercerized slub denim: feel comfortable, smooth and shiny surface, is one of the high-end denim fabric.
2, cotton slub denim fabric: thick texture, slub yarn and more prominent, has good washing effect.
3, cotton twill denim fabric: clear texture, medium thickness, is the most widely used a fabric of cowboy dress.