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Jeans accidentally washed off the oil, how to do?

1 washing solution pre coating method: when the clothes are dry, use the washing solution onto the stains; coating not immediately after washing, after standing for 5 minutes can gently rub the normal washing;
If the above method is still unable to remove stains, then
2 put the clothes into the pot, the stained part paste 1/4 bottle with pelvic floor, blue moon bleach bottle (10 grams) amount of bleach and half bottle (20 grams) net collar, pour in the stains, no other parts covered with clothing stains stains, prevent dry, standing 2 hours, rinse. If there are stains after 2 hours, you can add the appropriate amount of water to moisten the whole piece of clothing. Jeans are easy to fade, it is recommended to reduce the soaking time, usually when washing clothes face washing flip.
Note: bleach is not applicable to fade clothes, dry cleaning, if you are not sure of clothing fabrics, can be used in clothing and shelter; and the use of bleach, should avoid contact with the clothes on the metal buttons, zippers, metal accessories etc..