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Identify the three focus of jeans fabric

A, see
1, jeans fabric with one or a few of the fineness of yarn is significantly smaller than other normal yarn
2, the yarn fabric on the jeans kinked or curly appearance
3, the surface of the jeans fabric has obvious yarn knot
4, the color of jeans around the fabric color
5, jeans fabrics are worn at the stiff, rough natural cotton
Two, touch
Do not just look, we must personally feel the texture of denim fabric, good jeans fabric will not have: rough sense, particles
The structure relaxation of sense, not easy to recover after being pulled
Three, smell
Jeans fabric will be more or less after a number of water washing process, will inevitably come into contact with chemical agents, good jeans fabric and ring
Protect the process will not have adverse effects on the human body, but on the human body has great harm.