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How to wash jeans will not fade

1, concentrated salt water immersion method: buy new jeans, put it in the cold water for about 2 hours, and then wash with soap, and in the subsequent cleaning also according to this method, jeans will not fade.
2, tea water immersion method: Sweater washing fade, if the tea water the first sweater soak for 10 minutes, and then a general washing method of washing, washing through this method, not only can the sweater washed clean, and will not fade, but also prolong the life of your.
3, edible vinegar soak method: before washing jeans, in the water with some ordinary vinegar, soak for a while, and then on the jeans can be cleaned. Pay attention to the amount of vinegar can not be too much, otherwise it will give light colored clothes dyed. If you often use this method to clean jeans, but also to ensure that the color of the blue and white jeans as well as new oh.
4, the water drops of toilet water: first according to the conventional method of cleaning jeans, rinse clean, in a few drops of water in the toilet water, and then washed jeans soaked in water for 10 minutes. This method of cleaning clothes can also play a role in sterilization.
5, turn over in dry cleaning, cleaning new jeans, the jeans, and put all the zippers, buttons fastened, but also to maintain this state in the sun. Direct sun exposure to the front of jeans is not good, easy to cause the loss of color. Will wash jeans, jeans can not only ensure no deformation in cleaning and drying, can effectively prevent the damage of detergent and ultraviolet light on the new pants.
6, note: prevent jeans fade, and do not wash in hot water, soap and water, salt water soak in a long time, do not rub washing brush or brush. Also note that the use of anti air drying jeans, most fabrics are strong ultraviolet radiation, will make the clothes so badly faded jeans, drying can not be placed directly in the sun to dry. Is the clothes to dry, if it is possible to try to put his jeans in a well ventilated place to dry. This is the most simple and practical method to prevent the jeans fade, especially effective for dark clothing.