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How to wash dark jeans do not fade

How does the dark blue jeans wash does not fade? The dark jeans wash in the water is particularly easy to fade, so must do the color preservation processing.
1, salt water immersion method to prevent jeans fade. This trick is best suited to deal with denim clothing and color fading, the effect of extreme spirit. The new clothes to buy back in order to prevent fading, the first time before the start of the first to use concentrated brine soak for half an hour, and then according to the conventional method of cleaning. If there is still a slight fade, can clean water before each fight with salt water soak for ten minutes, if things go on like this stick, clothes will never fade in. Usually when washing, if you will be cleaned out in rollover dry, can also fade to a minimum degree. This method can effectively solve the jeans fade way
2, the jeans folded into the laundry bag (or hand wash), please use the cleaning dish detergent detergent ingredients have to effect in white with a little bleach, so jeans fade easily, dishwashing liquid bleaching agent, in addition to the cleaning effect, but also to grease.
3, a pair of jeans or other clothing dyeing contain a layer of glue (the smell of new clothes), pair of jeans soaked before washing in the basin of water, then add two teaspoons of vinegar, soak for about half an hour, these jeans fade would not be so serious, can also make clothes soft, more be color prevent discoloration. (white vinegar can prevent fade)
4, the anti dry method to prevent the jeans fade. This method is the most commonly used, especially for some dark clothing is particularly effective. The method is very simple, is the clothes airing. Here to remind you: most of the fabric of the clothes can not be directly exposed to the sun, because ultraviolet light is the culprit of fading clothes. So not only to turn dry, if it is possible to put in a dark ventilated place will dry clothes.