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How to prevent the jeans fade

Jeans have been popular single product, but the jeans has been plagued by problems. How to make jeans do not fade? Don't wash? In fact, no matter how much do wash jeans, will fade. We have to do is to reduce the degree of fade jeans. Now look at what a coup to reduce the degree of fade jeans.
First of all, is to buy new jeans soaked in brine water throughout the day, and then with the usual method of washing. Because jeans or other clothing dyeing contain a layer of glue, buy back can also use white vinegar soaked, can make clothes soft, more can prevent color fading. Usually wash jeans, best over cleaning and then dried, so that the degree of colour to a minimum.
Another way is to use soap to wash jeans, because the general washing powder for white effect, how many components containing a bleaching agent, will let the jeans fade easily.