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How to judge the quality of a pair of jeans

Jeans are called the name because it is denim fabric, so the production of denim fabric is one of the most important part of jeans. So what is the measure of denim fabric, of course, cloth? What is it made of cotton?.
To note here is: first to make sure it is cotton cloth of cotton, the first method can tag (don't face). The second is my own way, turn over to the strong see lines when there is a bright light. It's not cotton. Primary cattle good cotton water first have fluffy feeling on the surface.
Also, jeans are not as soft as possible, but not as hard as possible. To see his fabrics style (more dense tissue will feel thicker), yarn properties (yarn twist hands feeling rough, full cotton blended yarn with the feel is not the same).
Look over the lines, the clearer the more uniform the better.
All in all, a good cloth, the first word is cloth, that is good or bad cotton. In a look at the quality of the line, the line is mainly used 203 and 204 of the line, the bottom line of 202, the surface line with a thick line with the bottom line. The best is the core line.