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How to choose good quality jeans?

First, look at the effect of jeans wash.
Jeans are the most personalized clothing, the essence of its personality is in this part of the water, it is washed white, nostalgia, grinding rotten, holes, and so the effect of washing, forming a unique distinctive personality jeans. After the fine wash jeans, effectively remove the toxic chemical composition on the fabric, more environmentally friendly, comfortable to wear, conducive to health.
A good pair of jeans washing effect is very uniform, color, and even jeans in front, with photos displayed color, can know the effect of washing water. For example: jeans brand jeans in the choice of high-end OEM manufacturers, manufacturers must personally or directly at the pants version, not direct online orders. The photo effect of fuzzy jeans is best not to choose, to pick a local feature, see it in the fabric texture, have worn the place, but you can see the amount of cotton denim is high, high cotton content of the picture will be torn cotton uniform and natural, not stiff, rough and vice versa not natural.
Two, touch jeans, the first touch, to slide.
The jeans in the washing water in the process of fermentation and grinding through advanced high-grade soft economic jeans, have a good feel, and only the high cotton content of denim fabric can wash out so the feel of the effect. The direct experience of this kind of feeling is, slippery, and a slight elasticity, texture, touch in the palm of the hand is very stick, very comfortable.
Three, wear jeans.
Wear jeans, fit and slim legs bottom requirements can make people look slender legs, and especially to modify the hips, show exciting curve. If it is not very simple and elegant style, can imagine the best don't wear high waist, cowboy, Dongdong, waist, is not a canvas pants?