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How to calculate the cost of jeans

If you want to buy Jeans, do not suffer, we must first understand the cost of jeans. A pair of jeans, the cost is? The fabric cost is about 30 + work about 8-10 block, washing water needs 10 yuan, about 6-8 accessories, packaging and tag 4-6 block.
The least cost includes: jeans fabric + work + water + Accessories + wash packaging fabric: a pair of jeans trousers need the fabric length: 1.2 meters, 1.4 meters of men's pants. In Chinese most of the most expensive jeans fabric is 26-28 per meter, the price is the price of the cloth, if the inventory of cloth, or large factory to do the rest of the tail cloth price is the original price of a little more than half 16 dollars, this cloth is also very good quality, but this is only tens of thousands of jeans a large production, is generally a few hundred meters to 2-3000 meters