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How to buy a quality jeans

1, which is usually from several aspects to check the quality of a pair of jeans, people say that the quality of jeans, mainly refers to its intrinsic quality, usually with the brand and style. The intrinsic quality of a pair of jeans, mainly by the quality of the fabric, version of the design, quality, water quality, processing quality and other aspects of the composition of materials. A pair of jeans is high-grade, in addition to the work of exquisite and version design is better than the outside, the fabric and wash the water almost decided the grade of the whole pants.
2, why go on the wholesale market price of 30 yuan of products, basically is fake substandard jeans? Mainly by the cost of fabric cost, processing cost, material cost, washing water cost, current cost and profit margins. In these costs, which is false is the textile and garment fabric, do this, as long as the cotton and yarn prices are a little understanding of the people know, a pair of jeans to consume much fabric, which is part of the fabric is multiple, so it is easy to calculate the cost of a pair of jeans fabric it is easy to conclude that, if not adulterated false words, it is impossible to make such a low price to the finished product.
3, the market fabric adulteration mainly by what means? Usually adulteration of raw materials and adulterate, adulteration of raw materials mainly refers to the use of relatively inexpensive chemical fiber instead of cotton, and recycled cotton with noil, (equivalent to the regenerated paper in this class) seriously affect human health and inferior raw materials into yarn for spinning weaving denim, dyed, usually cannot distinguish consumption. The market good quality point of 10 ring spinning slubby yarn, usually 23000 yuan / ton, but the recovery of cotton yarn as long as several thousand dollars a ton, striking difference. The spandex elastic fabric in the inferior products caused by washing several times after not what stretch. At the same time, yarn dyed yarn, the price is also very different, poor quality cloth is usually the cheapest dye to dye. The organization is adulterated refers to some fabric look like qualified fabrics, but the organization was sparse, fabric style is far less qualified products, also is to cut corners. In addition, generally poor quality of the cloth is usually made out of the old machine (the price is only equivalent to the import of new loom woven out of less than 1/10), due to device limitations, woven cloth, not only a single organization, mainly to popular varieties, and fabric style was very bad, especially many crazy cloth.
4, how to check the quality of the general consumers will Turner? Look, you can open the trousers look, lock lines, car line quality is relatively easy to see. In the zipper, all kinds of lines more, can also see that Turner is refined, but also pay attention to the quality inspection line bartack. There is a simple way, how to see quality, look at the light inside the pants waist position mark mark car can be good. Because the mark is usually quite small, the lathe is a test car line, small things but not easy good. Don't forget about the quality of the quality of sewing sewing thread, usually low-grade goods line quality is poor, a pull off.
5, how to see the quality and grade of washing water? Water quality and grade are the decisive factors of a pair of jeans grade, usually high-end jeans, wash water will do relatively more complex, manual, and washing water design will have more features. Because a lot of water washing process is mainly made by workers with a manual, so the same brand in the same batch of goods, the quality of water will be different. Wash water is usually good, looks very natural, whether hand rub, monkey or oil painting, wash out the effect after years of wear more like fading effect after washing natural wear, the better. Do not wash the water, at first glance does not look natural.