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How many processes are needed for jeans production

Denim apparel product process
Two, process flow
In order to ensure the stability of the quality of denim apparel products, jeans, for example, in order to satisfy consumers, in the production process, the need to develop a series of processes and control. From the fabric to the cutting, the flow of the process and the assembly line directly affects the input and output of two aspects.
(a) prenatal stage
Prenatal stage, production orders are the original data from the customer information records: jeans samples, sample, washing processing, color correction, attention to matters such as whether there is. The above information is sent to the relevant departments after verification.
Production start, to develop the production flow chart. Production technology department and customer agreement, modify the sample and sample, in order to develop production processes and reduce costs. The detailed fabrication procedures, will further work, the modified model and the kind of clothes for the cutting department calculating material rate, discharge, materials, accessories, cutting, and cutting the subcontract service binding sewing workshop (Figure 2-38).
(two) sewing
Will be a good piece of clothing sub package, according to the technical arrangements were sent to the designated assembly line. To jeans sewing, for example, before and after the sewing of the film at the same time, respectively, in general, in order to further suture, semi-finished products to be tested. Lock eyes, to conduct the same test (Figure 2-39). Some individual processes, such as making clear wear loops, pockets of sand, cut head, rivet and fastener, the process can be flexibly arranged in the production process.
For example, the production of ordinary zipper fly jeans, the process can be divided into five groups: front, front placket zipper, and do everything to do, after assembling suture, knot and keyhole button (Figure 2-39a, 2-39b).
1 anterior slices
The front trouser piece sewing process involves the front pocket. The relevant pieces such as the left and right pocket bags, labels, small side plates and the front trouser piece allocated to the front pocket sewing machine. First on the left in the bag sewing labels (washing instructions and standard), then sewing the coin bag open and the Ji in the corresponding position of the right side. The cloth were sutured in the left and right piece, and the front piece of suture before the pocket cloth bag and fixed well, the front half finished the transition to the next group of procedures.
2 do this and front placket zipper
This machine should be ready before the zipper, about front piece and a front trouser piece of semi-finished products. Double fold sewn hemline and the positive transfer procedure. About the front placket and crotch seam, is ready, the left side zipper placket welt Ji in the left, and the front piece of suture, in the left trouser seam placket on molding line. Then, the right side of the zipper sewn with hemline and stitched with the right trouser and. The process of the final step: suture topstitching front crotch. Before the semi-finished products in the continuation of the suture to pass quality inspection.
3 after the film
Workers prepared in advance after the bag, after the birth of grams, after the pants and bags on the label. The first step: determine the bag molding line and fixed size with a special template, which is designed for the next process to depict the bag pattern and a width. According to the mechanic patterns after sewing bag painted decoration line. Then use the iron or folding machine to buckle the bag. At the same time, the other after sewing pants piece and a yoke, and finally put the bag in the case after the table identifies the back sheet. The same as the front, the semi-finished products to continue to suture before passing the inspection.
4 suture
After the completion of sewing bag and zipper, workers began stitching around the piece. Sewing jeans to the side seam line, before and after the reinforcement of trousers fastness. Then this waist, and fold in the mouth before suture under the crotch pants welt. The next step: joint wear mechanism required loop length and width specifications of the belt loop, generally there are five jeans: one in the loop after suture; the front piece about a bag; the other two between raphe in the position after the bag to the front. Similarly, before entering the next process, to carry out quality inspection.
5 knot
Jeans waist lock eyelet, tail knot reinforcement. In addition, belt loop, placket, after the bag, and other important parts to crotch bartack reinforcement. Finally, sew the leather label on the waist.
(three) packaging
Finishing, water treatment is an indispensable part of jeans production process. After washing, jeans into the packaging workshop. The workers began to examine it: a front trouser piece, belt loops on pocket lint, clean sand, and in the initial inspection before ironing and install snap and rivet. Through the quality inspection of products, to measure the jeans waist and crotch size, after two times of ironing, mounted on the tag, Yaopai and after bag tag, the jeans in a plastic bag, put in the carton, waiting for the final inspection