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How does the jeans have strange smell

一、Basic washing method
A, the first time in the water before dark jeans with white vinegar (white vinegar + water: water, 1:20) or with saline soak for about 20 - 30 minutes can keep the original color.
B, dark and light color separate wash: mix together will cause the color mutual dyeing.
C, do not use bleach. Do not use enzymes with blue particles of washing powder washing, because the enzyme detergent powder bleaching effect on the color of jeans.
D, avoid direct sunlight: direct sunlight will cause serious oxidative discoloration.
E, dry ventilated place: no ventilation will make pants are not easy to dry and will produce odor.
F, as far as possible, the negative side wash.
二、 the basic maintenance methods
A, dark blue jeans about 3-5 times or once a week to clean.
B, light color: white, khaki, camel... As the case may be dirty.
The best cleaning time is 6-12 months
C, the new color (dark blue jeans) have a second-hand or very old and personal style of the natural fading effect of the secret... You...
1 no need not to clean the water, as long as the bear had a peculiar smell (Takuya Kimura jeans have been more than two years of maintenance).
2 wear in the hands of the hand rub the surface of the pants, because the place where the jeans and the body naturally produce oxidative discoloration and a slight effect of oil ester.
Finally some tips for unwashed jeans, first washed in dry wet wear faster production lines; for desizing of jeans, can simply use some cornstarch water after sprayed on the surface to make jeans jeans harden.
Method for cleaning jeans
The best cleaning time is 6-12 months:
The general friend wearing jeans a week or a little sweat (dirty) is put into the washing machine, it is fatal to jeans, long-term to do so will make your jeans shape out of shape, there will be no personal wear comfortable and beautiful legs.
The correct method should be: 6-12 months to clean, if the summer sweat a lot, you can own the jeans hanging ventilated place, spray some water, let it dry wind, so jeans sweat will not stick on some jeans; if not clean things, you can in the water local spray dirty, then gently scooping out the dirty things, and then were hanging in the air of good place to dry naturally well!
The first is not clean or dry cleaning machine:
We certainly have the impression: jeans washing dried out again when it must be hard, besides washing powder, a layer of glue is also one of the reasons is the denim on. So, the first clean, try not to use the machine wash or dry cleaning, it is best to wear on his body clean, so wash jeans, jeans will make more in line with his leg type. The effect will be better to wear out. Clean or have to hang up the same place in the ventilation, natural air drying.
Jeans have to do some color protection before washing:
Jeans must be done before washing some basic color treatment, or jeans will soon wash white. The color processing is actually very simple, pair of jeans soaked before washing in the basin of water, then add two teaspoons of vinegar, soak for about half an hour, this pair of jeans fade after processing would not be so serious, do not believe you can try.
三、Method for washing and maintaining jeans
1, if it is to buy back into the water for the first time, the need to pour some white vinegar in the water, and put the pants over soaked for about half an hour, to lock the color. Because the dark trousers must be a little faded, and white vinegar can make the kind of blue color as far as possible to maintain the original luster.
2, turn the jeans into the water to wash hands, avoid unnecessary cleaning fade;
3, please do not soak in hot water pants, it will have a large degree of shrinkage phenomenon, the water temperature should be maintained below 30 degrees celsius.
4, with mild detergent, do not use bleach or any containing bleach or fluorescent agent products;
5, if the jeans are not greasy or other dirty situation, as far as possible to reduce the amount of detergent, and even water can be washed;
6, dry pair of jeans, a hang from the waist formation (fixed stays flat, with the clip do not tighten) over drying, drying in a dry ventilated place, avoid the sun, let
Causing severe oxidative discoloration or hardening.
If your jeans are a special synthetic fabrics, you can also refer to the instructions on the label, in accordance with the instructions set out above article wash.