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How do you get your jeans dyed?

A method of treating the color of jeans:
Use vinegar to wash the 1 infected place
2 try to call the color bleaching chemical supplies, such as white color drift
3 with 84 disinfectant after dilution, try to soak a little, but must certainly grasp the dilution ratio and soaking time, and the dyed clothes to be dyed with degree of relationship, better bleaching times, rather than trouble, don't drift too far.
4 with Amway washing, good results.
5 Potassium Permanganate and acetic acid, it is first Potassium Permanganate a little soluble in water, then rinse the clothes to go to fully soak, soak 10 to 20 minutes after the clothes will be dark red, will pick up the clothes, wash water; and then a little acetic acid soluble in water, the leaching of high potassium manganate. In acetic acid solution, the clothes will gradually change from dark red to the original color, and color places also fade away without damaging the original color clothes. Sometimes wear yellow clothes can also be used this way.
6 washing powder containing anionic surfactant and the detergent 1:1 into warm water, the infected place into the warm water soak for more than half an hour, and then a hand to scrub. If you still do not go to clean, put all the clothes into the water for more than 50 degrees, adding a small amount of detergent scrub, the clothes fade to reduce color dyed.
7 stained place painted or embroidered on a flower, a flower cover 100 ugly! Ha ha.
8 will be dyeing water wet. And then painted with edible salt. Then hand rub repeatedly. The dyed color will be gone. Rinse can be.
9 the dyed clothing into the pot filled with hot water, add 10 tablespoons of baking soda per liter of water. Cover your clothes with bay leaves and put them all night. The next morning, wash them and you will find them white again
10 washing machine into the warm water, rinse start washing machine, add 84 disinfectant, half a tank of water about 1/3 bottles of disinfectant, diluted solution, add clothes, cover the lid, rinse about 25 minutes after 25 minutes, remove clothing, dry clothes, is the original color.