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How do you dye jeans?

How long to wear jeans dyeing right? The jeans will have varying degrees of fade, even if not what quality problems, will also affect the wearing effect, so it is very practical for dyeing coup, in addition to professional care in the shop at home, how should dyeing operation? The next Xiaobian to learn it!
How to dye jeans?
Introduction to jeans dyeing method
Preparation tools: jeans, the same color dye, bucket
Specific steps:
1, the first will be dyed blue jeans clean, so that the stains on the jeans will not affect the color effect.
2, and then use a ready bucket, pour warm water into the bucket, the water temperature control at about 30 degrees, the dye used in the proportion of dye into the warm water, waiting for its open standby.
3, and then will be dyed into the blue dye in the water, it is best to add a little salt (salt can play a solid color and the role of anti deformation) soaked it, the water must take the jeans oh!
4, followed by a very important step. Boil the bucket and jeans together on the fire (this is to increase the activity of the dye factor for easier and faster staining).
5, during this period, the ground must be turning jeans, so that every part of the jeans can fully contact with the fuel, to ensure the effect of color.
6, boil for about 15 minutes or so, can be repeatedly remove jeans, rinse with water, remember to repeatedly, until the observation of jeans floating on the surface of color to clean finish dyeing
7, and then dyed jeans placed in ventilated place to dry.
The above is a simple staining method at home, according to the actual operating experience of the specific effects, you can first use the jeans don't experiment with several times, and then dyeing, will be more good Oh! Of course, but also to store special staining!
After the introduction of dyeing methods, and then to understand some of the popular blue jeans dyeing knowledge!
Here are 4 popular blue
India blue
Raw material: Wood Blue
India blue wood is widely used is a kind of indigo dyeing raw materials, plant materials containing indigo blue component than Polygonum origin to Southeast Asia, India, Bangladesh and other countries, the leaf, stem water precipitation extraction fermentation extract, called blue and lime mud, purification and separation of impurities will dry into indigo, dye. Transparent color, material sapphire is far better than the extraction purity of indigo indigo.
Is blue
Material: blue.
The material first leaves after months of indoor dry, and mixed with other raw materials into jars fermented again after solidification drying, made known as: "Sapphire" raw material, dyeing compatibility of sapphire and water, dyeing.
Ryukyu blue
Raw material: dyed fabric, blue
Producing area in the Ryukyu Islands, the area of Thailand, the traditional dyeing way since ancient times for the prevalence of raw materials and the preparation of the Ryukyu India blue extraction method is similar, is no different after precipitation formation of this mud drying process blue, more impurities in the extract, the early Meiji Kagoshima Business Bureau will place the blue dye method named "blue Okinawa)
Blue Mountain
Raw material: mountain blue
This is Japan's most traditional dyeing natural blue dye manufacturing, not from mountain leaves but will root dry fermentation, and water were finally used copper scraps as dyeing medium solid color dyed products are bluish green effect. Early on the old version of the many brands of cattle products have the effect of lase.
Introduced here, want to own manual DIY dyeing friends quickly to action!