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High quality denim fabric is very important

jeans is a special type of clothing, its main feature is the long service life, and the value of the products with the increase in life expectancy is also increasing, that is to say the old jeans, should actually be more valuable, more beautiful. The more beautiful the more, the older the more flavor, different from the general characteristics of clothing jeans. In order to achieve this goal, it is undoubtedly crucial to fabric texture. The fabric is not good jeans, not just a short life, wearing no personal discomfort, and easy deformation, discoloration, the process can not reach the old more valuable effect. At the same time, the added value of jeans also depends on the washing water and washing water to reflect the quality and effect, is completely dependent on the texture of fabric, no good material, it is not possible to make a very high-end washing effect. It can be said that the level of a pair of jeans, to a large extent depends on the level of fabric. Consumers in the purchase of jeans fabric does not take into account the factors, which is not mature performance.