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Environmentally friendly jeans to remove harmful ingredients in the air

British designer Helen Stolle Professor chemist at University of Sheffield professor Tony Ryan and the London College of fashion recently teamed up to design a "green jeans", through the chemical reaction absorbing harmful ingredients in the air, to improve air quality action.
"Environmental surface jeans" coated with titanium dioxide particles, can react with nitrogen oxides in the air, the water soluble nitrate is harmless to the human body, when washing can be completely washed away. Imagine if everyone put on this pair of jeans, it will greatly reduce the amount of pollutants in the air, make the air cleaner, the environment will become more healthy.
At present, the production of environmentally friendly jeans have been provided to the detergent production company Ecover, used to create a CatClo called detergent additives, it can be added to the detergent or fabric softener. The product is currently in safety testing, but so far there is no evidence that it will harm the human body. According to reports, if all goes well, this product will start selling within two years.