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Detailed understanding of the misunderstanding about jeans

1 as long as the figure is good, what jeans look good.
This is the most listened to, whether consumers or stores, this person occupies a considerable proportion. But experts seem to say that this is a one hundred percent of people who do not have a basic understanding of jeans. Jeans wear good looks on the body, mainly determined by two factors, one is wearing themselves, and the other is the jeans version of the design and suitable for their size, which is the most important factor in the design version of the. A lot of people think that jeans are good for people who are good enough to wear, or people who don't have the right kind of jeans. Version of the design is good, a good slim jeans. In the version of the design, for good people to wear, for chubby people wear, are suitable for people to wear the slender stature, for our people to wear. Many people still do not understand the "pick people wear jeans is" what do you mean, in fact it is telling a different size, usually have the most suitable version of it, and different brands, in the version of the design also have their own characteristics, if people will wear jeans, usually find a a version of the most suitable for her. A pair of jeans, if the version does not do well, especially in some of the key position of the piece size design is not good, no matter how tall the wearer holds, it must be very uncomfortable, can not achieve the beauty of body effect, the body will have many different parts too tight, too loose a wrinkle phenomenon, serious impact on the appearance of. A good version of the material with good, not only comfortable to wear, and beautiful appearance curve. A good man, wearing the own version of the type of jeans, there is endless destruction, but this is mainly because there is a version of a good. Also, even if the body is not too ideal girl, if you can put on their own version of the type of jeans, its cultivation effect is immediate.
2 as long as the jeans look good on the line
The main role of jeans, in addition to meet the wearing away, the leg buttock's function is the key. At the same time jeans is a kind of very special clothing, it has a long life span, and the older the more valuable, more wash more beautiful features, and to meet these requirements, rely on the inherent quality of jeans (fabric, version type, washing and workmanship) rather than style. If a quality not good jeans, dress didn't fit uncomfortable, but also reach the effect of cultivation, the light looks good is of no significance, not to say that it is not up to the older the more valuable. Good design can make a good internal quality jeans icing on the cake, but leave the intrinsic quality of style, no value. In fact, since the birth of jeans more than and 100 years ago, the classic style of jeans are very simple, but the quality is absolutely unambiguous.
3 according to the style, price and brand to judge the quality of jeans rather than intrinsic quality
A pair of jeans quality, is mainly determined by the intrinsic quality, but many consumers include stores, because of the lack of basic understanding of the inherent quality of jeans, usually to all styles, price or brand as the center, while ignoring the inherent quality of jeans, but in fact jeans value, entirely by fabric, version type, washing water, the intrinsic quality of workmanship to reflect. The style, usually is not a quality category, it only belongs to personal preferences, different regions, style preferences vary greatly, and the domestic and foreign style preferences is to and melting point. Similarly, many consumers because of excessive superstition expensive brands, simply believe that high prices or well-known brand jeans will quality is also high, so just by some doing brand publicity but ignore the good product quality enterprises flicker. Clothing industry, cheap goods, but not necessarily high quality. A pair of jeans, first of all, must have good internal quality, the quality is guaranteed, the fashion style, you can make the value of the icing on the cake for a pair of jeans.
4 the quality of imported jeans is better than that in domestic production
He will not see quality plus worship psychology in time, many consumers will think the same brand of imported jeans, the quality must be better than in domestic production. In fact, how? Now the international well-known brand jeans, basically is, and suspected from the die relief blame game hot Shang EVIS in the United States is not a production workshop), the work may not be better than the production in china. China's Pearl River Delta, the production of many of the world's leading international brands (read a report seems to account for 60%), which in itself is the recognition of the quality of our processing. Therefore, in the processing quality, other countries may not be better than we do. And fabrics, some brands that are imported fabric, but imported fabrics have good? There are a large number of denim fabric exports to developed countries in Europe and America, many companies in our country every year, in these so-called imported fabrics, and how much is actually a native China production, no man can tell. I went to see some international brands, is actually found in the domestic processing of pants, although the price than the so-called imported to a low cut, but from fabric, washing to Turner, actually do is better than those of imported! So don't be intimidated by the production, not to be the price of flicker, learn rational consumption for every consumer, is very important.
5 vulgar fashion
These words are actually always unclear, but consumers and businesses are the most in noises. What style of fashion, popular ah, say it as if it were raining flowers in general. In fact, the domestic popular things, usually slower than the international beat a few, the domestic coastal areas and inland areas is also a difference between Guangzhou and Hongkong is also a time difference. I found that many places run in the market, the streets that fly poor workmanship, low quality, no features and no garish connotation of jeans, but by the consumers and the owner when the baby like "fashion", really makes people won't listen to reason. The lack of awareness of the cowboy and the taste of clothing on the gap, it is determined that our country, many people although the mouth hanging fashion, but in fact never touch the edge of fashion. No connotation of fancy, can only be vulgar.
6 wear jeans as fashion
There's no such thing in the world that can be as popular as jeans for years. The charm of jeans is the appearance seems simple but not simple inside, with those after a gust of wind as popular and silent fashion is different, jeans for one hundred years, has maintained a single color (mainly to indigo), simple style (five bags mainly) features, but still won the people's love. So this is the distinctive feature of jeans different from the general fashion. Simple, classic is the basic characteristics of jeans, jeans are too fashionable, it deviated from its essence. Of course, with the continuous development of the times, the denim fabric fashion also represent the general trend, but not all jeans will become fashion, we select jeans, must understand that they are buying fashion or in jeans! Jeans fashion about a hundred years, still rely on its simple classic.
7 poor quality jeans cheaper
A poor quality of the pants, put aside its low taste and unhealthy factors, short life can only be worn once (wash fade serious and serious deformation or shrinkage, serious) can put on half a year that are called to go, because of low quality, characteristics it is no more ugly wash jeans more taste older. A good quality jeans, wearing five or six years is a very easy thing, if properly maintained, usually in more than ten years is a normal phenomenon, but its value also rises with the time increasing. Now on the market of poor quality jeans, usually even dozens of pieces of a hundred pieces, but if you can buy it, take two, three hundred dollars (in lower discount), you can buy a pair of jeans texture quite good. So now, the poor quality of the jeans is not cheap but more expensive, but consumers usually only see cheap and pay more cost.
8 high quality jeans production cost is much higher than the fake goods
Currently on the market some brands of jeans, especially international well-known brand jeans superior price, less to hundreds, more than a few thousand, so many consumers to stop. Some people mistakenly think that these high prices of jeans production costs are quite high. In fact, this is not the case, the high price of jeans is not a high cost of production, its high price, usually in order to match its brand positioning. At the same time as the brand, the store costs, management costs, advertising costs are relatively high, and sometimes their sales and not too large, and the maintenance of its noble brand image, so they usually adopt high price sales strategy, even deliberately through the high prices to reduce its customers to maintain their own circle. Brand image.