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Denim listed species increased

Recently, Chinese denim textile city listed species increased day by day, selling jeans fabric, marketing local smooth. All over the country to customers to sample cut inquiries orders increased significantly, local increase part of the scale of operating retail sales of single batches of daily increments, gradually push up the trend of shock.
The recent market, cowboy layout department of the municipal bulk distribution, sales of small, woven and knitted fabric interaction. The main varieties of denim listed from the raw materials, with cotton denim and cotton woven denim mainly two categories, and spandex elastic denim with and without spandex elastic denim and other varieties. The dyeing has dyed denim, dyed denim and flat dyed denim. In the listing of the fabric and embroidered denim, denim printing, jacquard denim, denim, denim and other stamping plastic varieties, jacquard denim listed flower variety, creative pattern fabric marketing is quite poor. Denim with Jiangsu and Zhejiang production, clothing manufacturers around the jeans material orders to undertake local increase of denim purchases began to increase local, some varieties of transactions have been a slight increment trend.
The American cowboy knitted cloth widths of 170CM and 220 g / m2 blue color fabric of local small batch delivery. Thick knitting color denim cloth widths of 170CM and 350 g / m2 red, rose red, purple fabric, light orange varieties and small batch of local sales, the price is strong.
Even Japan, cotton denim, cotton woven denim and cotton spandex spandex stretch denim, polyester / cotton interwoven elastic denim, the market operating households generally have the amount of stock market, part of the scale of operating retail has small batch of domestic customers cash transactions, and in order to discuss the contact group.