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Dark blue jeans with what color coat

Dark blue jeans with what color coat? Collocation is very particular about color, so you need to learn how to learn color collocation.
Dark jeans are best suited to a lighter coat. So the deep blue jeans with a jacket what this problem was pretty smoothly done or easily solved. The first white coat, white shirt and dark blue jeans collocation is very brisk, if you choose pure white shirts, no words can be a collocation black metal texture in the waist belt, can also add a broadside on the wrist bracelet as cortical ornament.
Deep blue jeans can be regarded as a all-match jeans paragraph, except we mentioned above is certainly not wrong collocation of white, can also according to their own skin color collocation of different colors, different styles of light colored coat. For example, deep blue jeans can also be equipped with a plaid shirt or black and white striped shirt, you can choose a more relaxed style, the shirt into the jeans will be more fashionable.