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Combination of popular and practical - jeans

Jeans, jeans are undoubtedly the most popular and most practical. Look at those thick half new faded cotton fabric jeans, what is the lure of prosperity in the fierce competition in the apparel market? I think the main reason is in jeans design, selection, processing embodies the good combination of science and aesthetics.
Jeans to youth, casual, casual, sexy, loved by the people. It is the key to design the waist, waist design will show the curve of human body, in the design of low waist type cover thick waist problems, also able to visually lengthen the body. Sexy low cut jeans, is the best tool for shaping the sexy line, it will plump hip line modification more beautiful, and the three-dimensional tailoring, loose jeans, create sexy clothing will wear neutral offbeat.
With the change of the times and the development of science and technology, leading the trend of jeans in the pursuit of fashion, and constantly improve the style, hollow, asymmetry, printing, embroidery, napping, fluorescence and other new, add more variety of jeans, cuddly, often wore new.
Human nature is, eyes want to see the most beautiful scenery, the ears want to hear the melodious voice, mouth to eat the best food, the best nose want to smell smell aroma, thought the pursuit of the most comfortable and most comfortable and comfortable life, these five kind of desire, is human nature can not be avoided contrary, the show is, is a kind of hypocritical posturing hold out.
Fundamentally speaking, every country, every region and every nation in the world has its own advantages. In Chinese, jeans, is the reform and opening up to promote people to emancipate the mind, be good at learning, the courage to update the concept, with the international practice of the results; is already formed a new mode of production in globalization, the world has become a standard production factory under the background of different civilizations, mutual exchange, cooperation and tolerance results. I think it is hundreds of millions of China people accept, is not to rely on the government's instructions and call it eventually able to spread, is human nature dictates.
Back to the last century reform and opening up policy in 70s on the eve of one billion China, people who are not wearing jeans, is in the reform and opening up early, those who wear jeans, tend to be regarded as the orthodox power suffered mental pollution, is the thought of heresy, in culture, has different moral alienation, people inside the alien. People often say that the reform is a revolution, this is not the general formula. Only experienced people can deeply feel the groundless talk reform, reform every step, people must pay the price, we need to discard the past the formation of thinking of everyone, to the vision of the world, national mind, and look forward to the future.
Fortunately, after 30 years of unremitting efforts, the Chinese nation with its modesty broadmindedness, harmonious Wanbang's broad bearing, other countries and the creation of the working people of advanced cultural achievements, and actively integrate into the harmonious coexistence, peaceful development, cooperation and innovation of world culture tide.
With the advance of reform and opening up, the authority is no longer individual consciousness, freedom to start, people more and more high, to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests according to law consciousness is more and more strong, people sincerely feel that reforming and opening brings tangible benefits, with a taste of freedom, joy and genuineness the taste of happiness.