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Choose a few tips when the jeans

Buy a skill, buy Jeans, trousers is not tight or just moderate, it is best to void in the waist left at about 3 cm, the width of the waist is slightly bigger, so that not only lets you wear to space activities, can make the waist hanging on the hip bone just, let you become like the advertising model, more style.
Two skills, I believe most people want to know, do not buy Jeans usually buy a long short, partly because the jeans will shrink in the wash, on the other hand is long can be carried out in accordance with their own transformation, to shape collocation. If the pants are short, ha ha, I believe we also understand.
Tip three, if your body is not up to standard, or not the same as the model of the body, it is best not to wear skinny skinny jeans, because it is not appropriate, but also to combat your self-confidence. To dress appropriately to buy a lot of try, so that there is more, try to squat down if the hips don't press, it is the right size.
Skills four, the best choice to choose a little loose jeans, because of the size of the pants around the argument, I think it is necessary to give you a comparison of the size of trousers. Collocation skills ladies jeans also need to master good skills, spring, summer, autumn and winter will make you handsome beautiful, thin beautiful. But in the collocation process, or to measure according to their size, can not wear it, collocation fashion tips with leg pants type is a perfect fit, in order to create a beautiful sexy legs curve. Popular sports shoes such as --ADIDAS, NIKE, NEW, BAL-ANCE and other brand-name sports shoes were originally developed for basketball and other sports. Today is an integral part of the jeans with clothing. But the collocation jeans and sports shoes and T-shirts are the most "Pediatrics", not only to choose a common details or models on the jeans can be not of the common sort. High shoes - compared with previous years, more and more young people wear high shoes, HOWKINS and other brand-name shoes are particularly popular. In addition, there are wear high shoes, high elastic shoes, etc.. The first is to make the high shoes for work or climbing, is not suitable for all jeans, what kind of high shoes and what styles of jeans match, still have to try it on! T-shirt, blue jeans with a white T-shirt is the collocation "orthodox", wins in the young vigor. Among the brand name T-shirts, perhaps the most eye-catching is the Hanes products. Select a smaller size Hanes T-shirt, pour boiling water to make it more narrow, until the body is too tight on the body. With straight tube jeans, very chic.