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Calculate the amount of cloth manufacturing specifications of jeans

[(+ +4 inches hem thigh) * transverse contraction]*[(foreign minister (excluding high waist) *2 +0.5 inch + foot mouth) *]+[(+5 inch waist straight shrinkage) * transverse contraction (]*[waist head +1 inches) * shrink *2]} *1.05/ available +0.05+0.03 Buffon straight
Stretch denim:
Transverse contraction
Stretch denim maximum transverse contraction: 15%. (greater than 15% if you buy a transverse contraction, is the two product. Stretch denim good transverse contraction is only about 12%.)
But use the formula to multiply the maximum by 1.15 (if you multiply the equation by the number of words in the wrong way, the result is only part of the shrinkage, there is no part of the normal amount of the 0.15).
Direct reduction
The maximum straight stretch denim shrinkage is 5%, so the formula which should be multiplied by the 1.05. straight than this shrinking shrinkage stretch denim are two products.
Cotton denim or elastic denim: normal transverse shrinkage; 5% normal straight shrinkage: 3%.
The spleen is surrounded by the foot +10, the 4 inch refers to the mouth (that is, the northern part of the seam), all the digits in the back are the mouth (seam)
The waist is multiplied by the first contraction and multiplied by 2 because the waist is the two floor
Followed by 0.05 is the amount of the bag, the bag is the amount of 0.03
Note: if the pants is double curved pants (vertical lines) it is cut out of pants this formula from the formula, and then in the end with 0.15 men can be too big to increase 0.2, because the curved waistband dosage is too large, the formula is not set out.
Note: this formula is applicable to offer to guests, please be sure to use a paper book cloth row only.
Note: this formula can also be converted to CM!
Note: some pants size is too large, because the fabric width is limited, not the normal discharge, must discharge dislocation, does not apply to this formula, we must offer in the row to!
Jeans calculation method: simplified version
(thigh knee foot mouth + +) * long pants / transverse contraction / straight contraction / *1.1 stretch.