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According to the size of the choice of jeans

The most classic all-match jeans as a single product, almost everyone has several pants, but always think of others so nice to wear jeans, wear their own ugly? In fact, it is not the choice of jeans style, according to the body to choose, you can hide the body defects.
Save your body defects, start by picking the right jeans...
Want to cover the body defects? No, I'm going to pick up my jeans! If you're not a fat, regardless of any wear jeans will appear along the straight leg. Unfortunately, most people have a physical defect here or there.
But it does not matter, thighs thick people have a mellow sense of beauty, thigh slim people also have long and slim cute. You don't have to, in order to make themselves appear taller and thinner and bend over backwards. If you find a suitable size of their own jeans, then put on the more able to highlight the advantages of their own body.
But there is one thing we need to pay attention to is that there is no exception. May sometimes feel that their body is not suitable for a certain kind of jeans, but perhaps the body after the accident is appropriate.