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7 strokes teach you to pick your jeans

1, how to choose the color of jeans? Before the jeans organization and color is very simple, now slowly fashion denim fabric, also become rich in color. But basically or with indigo and blue black. The main reason is the effect of the blue after washing let people love, and withstand the test of time. Those who have long had mottled Jeans Popular, but are like the wind blown over, so for most of the consumer, to make jeans too fastidious in color, a little Big deal. Indigo is non solid color, there is more wash more beautiful effect, so it is also the eternal beauty of color jeans.
2, denim fabric thickness is how to distinguish? With the count and the weight of the fabric fabric density, yarn density is more coarse cloth more thick, its weight is greater. Generally can be divided into light, medium and heavy three categories. Light weight fabric is 200-340 g / m2 (6-10 ounces per square yard), medium 340-450 g / m2 (10-13 ounces per square yard), heavy 450 grams (13 ounces per square yard). 3, ounces, yards and inches is what concept? General in the textile sector ounces, referred to as OZ, it is the conversion of 1 ounces to 28.375 grams, but in general 28.35 grams of cloth. 1 yards =0.9144 meters. 1 inches =2.54 cm. Denim fabric length is usually measured in yards, usually people will say that this cloth how much code? Your fabric is how much money? And jeans size is usually in inches to put the code, such as determining the size 27 hip 91 cm for reference number, 28 yards than 27 yards a 26 inch, 27 inches smaller than the code code. Some consumers think your hip is the metric of two feet eight, the jeans size is 28, which is not accurate.
4, the general consumers in the purchase of jeans, what are the errors? As to the general consumer version and fabrics and washing water quality would not identify, so are all the most probably it did not actually happen in style and price as the center. In fact, from the version and the fabric texture and processing quality of styles, is of no significance, this is also a very large consumer misunderstanding. Buy Jeans, only in the premise of ensuring the version type, fabric and processing are not what big problems, to choose their own love styles into account. Many of the classic including the world famous brand jeans, styles are doing is very simple, and even many consumers still think it is not ugly, but because they are in the version type, fabric and processing of these internal quality aspects do very well, so wear these pants, even the style is very simple to do it is the kind of high-end, aristocratic temperament is reflected. On the contrary, many have the inherent quality of jeans, although the style of imitation is very good, but what is not on the level of the product, and after washing several times, its quality is too horrible to look at. In addition, consumers do not pay attention to the product price, the excessive pursuit of cheap junk or excessive superstition some expensive but the quality is not very good foreign brands, but also a very immature performance.
5, why is it good for girls to wear jeans? Figure of the clothes, in addition to cheongsam, it should be jeans. At the same time, the popularity of jeans and wearing convenience is obviously higher than cheongsam, the price is reasonable. The figure is good especially hip curve and the leg shape good girl, wearing a version of the right, not low - grade jeans, go to the street, lethality is infinite. But now the outside most girls don't wear jeans, causing a lot of body good sister ugly in a rotten pants on.
6, girls wear jeans generally grasp what principle? The figure is good with tall girl, in short, all wearing trousers. Short legged girl is not suitable to wear pants below five points, it is best to wear shorts or pants and high-heeled shoes above the knee. The thigh coarse girl, it is best not to wear tight jeans, if only thigh coarse but the leg shape is very good very tall, wearing shorts is also a good choice. Thin girl, it is best not to wear pants and shorts, trousers with loose trousers but can reflect the hip curve is better. The best straight jeans with shoes or other flat shoes.
7, why the international well-known brand jeans style usually do relatively simple? Jeans since launch, popular for more than and 100 years, although its colors and styles have been changing, but the indigo and five bags has been its classic and classic color. The simpler the more classic, this is one of the characteristics of jeans. Many styles, although popular for a while, but it is usually difficult to long, especially now that the market of some low grade products, styles and patterns do not garish, knowledgeable people also have good taste when it is fashionable, the expert is on a contemptuous disregard. In fact, really very high-grade fabrics, only suitable for washing water through appropriate to reflect the grade of it, then let the time to extend its high-quality, if those high-grade fabrics are used to do a lot of fancy patterns, it is a bit superfluous waste material. Classic things, is always reflected by the connotation, and the same is true of jeans.