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External conditions:
1 see first leg outside whether selvage.
2 look at the color is not very thick and deep, if it is possible that this dye seems to be good, it is estimated to smell the smell is also helpful;
3 if it is not into the slurry, it will be very hard to see, the heart will usually think: the harder the better. By the way, the cloth is very thick. Assuming both, both hard and thick, it goes without saying: it should be good pants.
4 go to check the information, ask people, ask, look at the number of pounds of pants in the end is not high? By the way, look at this pair of jeans on the network, it should be wrong.
5 is not assured, think of a way to ask the so-called predecessors, high. Ask for advice.
6 price, assuming that spent more than half of the savings to hand, by the capacity to meet the above conditions, no matter how, it should be a good thing to say it.
Be able to do all of the above, should be regarded as a minority, but this is actually a good pair of jeans may have the conditions, rather than the necessary conditions.
Fabric thickness:
A. cloth itself density is very high, and cotton yarn density, fiber number is high. This kind of cloth is usually the best, wear resistant, durable and usually cotton fiber is long, but the drawback is usually very slow will have a good color drop.
B. cotton yarn density is not high but a single yarn will feel very thick, in sizing state very stiff, but usually go after abnormal soft pulp. Due to the use of cotton quality is poor, fiber is shorter, so in the process of wear and tear because of the easy to loose fiber, peeling, and there will be a short period of time to produce a clear color fall phenomenon. Often mistaken for great material. In fact, the most wear-resistant and easy to break the fabric. At present, many emerging brands will use this material to deceive consumers, this type of material from mainland China and Thailand.
Adjust the way the machine woven: let the fabric has a significant bump touch, so that the fabric feels very thick. In addition to a small number of brands in order to deliberately different from the general fabric of the touch and deliberately require the manufacture of the original fine cotton cloth more points. Many brands in order to reduce costs and do not want to use too bad cloth will also use this way to make the ordinary level of cotton yarn, such as the rise of illusion.
The number of pounds, the most common term for all sentient beings, has always been the focus. Find a lot of data also consulted several production denim factory in the old timers, the conclusion is: the most suitable for wear and durable denim pounds is 14 ~ 15. Once too low or too high are easy to produce: lack of strength, lack of stability, broken yarn, uneven density and other defects. Therefore, it is not recommended to seek a high number of pounds.
In fact, the price is also very unreliable basis, of course, good things can not be too low and constant cost. But many jeans will use this to create a false impression, or another marketing approach to enhance the image of the product.
There are also a number of ways to identify the quality of jeans
1, identify the density of denim fabric
It is recommended that the cloth will be more accurate after the pulp, with both hands to seize a small range of single layer cloth, left and right to move, to see if there is easy to loose phenomenon. If the amplitude of the motion can be very large, the density of the fabric is not high.
2. Check all the joints on the inside of the jeans
Hancock sewing, sewing, chains, single needle sewing machine needle, reinforcing buttonhole needle etc.. The use of coarse cotton lines, density. And the true distance, density, flatness.
It is recommended that you take at least two to three different kinds of trousers and compare them. This part has been more than mid-level skills can only rely on accumulated experience to enhance their strength.
In the cork as the outermost end, and reinforcing the car line car cock at inner side seam with a couple of reinforcement. Are the focus. And other parts of the car to catch the sewing needle falling needle is usually not only in the location of the fabric has been very heavy. And other parts of the car to catch the sewing needle falling needle is usually not only in the location of the fabric is also very important.
3, the use of hardware components can be seen a pair of jeans brand intentions and the overall texture
A good pair of pants will never ignore these small places. It is not easy to judge the same hardware parts. A simple place to start from the button, the crown of the texture and texture is very important, usually a good button will look very similar to the casting metal.
4, the last is the most difficult place: the determination of dyes
The dye is definitely the major brands of commercial secrets is equal to the absolute, a pair of pants that soul is usually very difficult to use the eyes to distinguish, we can only conclude that the color and depth. The real play is in a period of time through the pants and presents the results. Frankly, there is also a state of knowledge. I believe this is to accumulate a lot of experience.