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4 trick to get jeans maintenance and washing

Mothers often against the baby jeans to worry about, because the baby is very playful, often the original handsome dirty jeans, because they are not good at maintenance jeans, denim easily lead to deformation, looking very distressed jeans! More difficult to maintain, once dirty, it is difficult to clean, but the baby's closet. How can a little so much love and handsome jeans? Smart Mom can not be discouraged, they can never tolerate their baby to become "little sloppy", MEYIDALE teach you some of the most practical cowboy maintenance and washing method, as long as the heart can make clothes to keep the original!
(a) the first clean dry cleaning or washing machine is not Oh! You have a certain impression: jeans washing dried out again when must be hard, which is why in addition to your laundry powder, and a layer of glue is one of the reasons is the denim on. So, the first clean, try not to use the machine wash or dry cleaning, the best is tiled in a washtub with a cleaning brush, soft, elastic structure that makes jeans maintain good pants without damage to the fabric, wear out the effect will be even better. After cleaning, or have to use the clip straight hanging in a ventilated place, let it dry.
Two) before washing jeans must do some color processing Oh! In general are faded jeans garment products, jeans before washing must do some basic color retention treatment, or will soon be washed jeans, keeping color is simple, pair of jeans soaked before washing in water in the basin, then put in two teaspoons of vinegar or a few tablespoons of salt, soak for about half an hour, these jeans fade would not be so serious, do not believe you can try.
(three) cleaning time interval best jeans is generally 1 months children wear jeans, a week or a little sweat (dirty), mother put in the washing machine, this pair of jeans are too big, long-term do it will make the shape of your jeans take shape Oh, there will be no personal wear comfortable and beautiful legs. The correct method should be as much as 1 months clean, if the summer sweat a lot, the jeans hanging ventilated place, spray some water, let it dry wind, so jeans sweat will not stick on the jeans; if some clean Dongdong, you can place the dirty water in the spray then, gently pinch off the dirty stuff, and then again hanging in well ventilated place, let it dry well!
(four) if it is a special synthetic fabric, please follow the washing instructions if your jeans are a special synthetic fabrics, you can also refer to the instructions on the label, in accordance with the instructions set out above article wash. You may wish to try the above method, you can let your jeans a few years, such as a day oh!