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  • Jeans maintenance knowledge      2017-3-21

    Jeans maintenance knowledgeIn recent years, due to the arrival of Western clothing, China has formed a cowboy craze in the streets, both children and middle-aged people will have to wear jeans, but many people do not know the jeans maintenance knowledge, I will then introduce the maintenance knowledge of jeans:1, gener...

  • Formal procedures for testing jeans      2017-3-21

    Formal procedures for testing jeansA pair of jeans is in your hand. Do you know how to test it? Is it just a feeling, or to look at it carefully all one? Here to teach you more formal jeans inspection procedures, is absolutely professional.1 left allRight hand, left hand waist jeans trousers, pants on the fly to the fl...

  • How to choose jeans and how to buy Jeans      2017-3-19

    For the initial contact with the jeans users, may have the idea, choose appropriate pants, as long as it is good, as long as the right to wear, can go, can run, jump, so choose the pants is not suitable? Of course, if only a short period of time in such trousers is good; but if you are ready for long wearing, or have m...

  • How men pick jeans      2017-3-19

    How men pick jeansJeans are the most popular fashion, is your good choice. How to choose your jeans?Man with thick legs. Should choose the line loose straight or larger jeans pants, dark blue or black can be, and to wear a belt, clothing should be appropriate to pay attention to the upper part of the body; but not to w...

  • What is the best jeans fabric      2017-3-18

    How to tell the differenceQuality jeans1, authentic jeans with indigo dye, fabric colorless or strip. After the stone has a bright bright, slightly red cloth, no significant staining.2, a stone mill, the fabric is soft, velvet cloth have a sense of fullness. Sewing hem worn white plane without grinding marks, color uni...

  • What women's jeans should be fitted with trousers?      2017-3-18

    Denim shirt girls will have to wear the European and American wind, suitable for cool girls, but also a good choice to wear, then the need for all the clothes on the MM carefully selected! Today, I teach you a few dry goods, hoping to help you become more beautiful.First, the female T-shirt + black pantsBlack pants pan...

  • How to choose denim shorts      2017-3-17

    How to choose denim shorts1, find the right positionAfter the location of the bag will be different according to the waistline version of the difference, in general, the center of the pocket should be slightly higher than the highest point of the hip.2, looking for the right shapeAt first glance, the shape of the back ...

  • How to choose ladies jeans      2017-3-17

    How to choose ladies jeans1, waist: the waistband should slightly loose jeans2 legs: refers to the right thigh in the fat you sit down at a little bit loose trousers3, Trousers: tapered pants and straight leg pants trousers should be in the upper top place below two cm4, color: color is to give people the most intuitiv...