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  • The method of making jeans fade naturally      2017-3-29

    The method of making jeans fade naturallyWashed jeans friends, will not want to see the water after washing are the color of the jeans left. Indeed, fade or fade will make it as bright and natural as before, and the shrinkage of the pants will make the jeans are not as strong and compact as before. Whether you are a bi...

  • Washing method for various stains of jeans      2017-3-29

    Washing method for various stains of jeansAlthough very dirty jeans, but it will get some of the more difficult to clean material, such as grease, stains, blood stains and other ordinary soap or washing powder detergent has certain difficulty, here are some scientific methods to washing:1, edible oil, scrub with gasoli...

  • Wear jeans to pay attention to the following points      2017-3-28

    Wear jeans to pay attention to a few points:1 to wear their own style. Don't let fashion trends ignore your comfort, and don't let fashion trends influence your style. For example, if you are a big body, wearing tight jeans will not look good, even if everyone is good-looking, you should not wear tight jeans.2 Blue was...

  • Teach you how to check the quality of jeans      2017-3-28

    The quality of jeans is the most troublesome problem plagued the cowboy fans, a lot of friends for many years wearing jeans, even years of doing business in the jeans store, how to check the quality of jeans, is not very clear, and even many wrong ideas. Now we put aside the Cowboy brand factors, from the product's int...

  • Jeans into the depth analysis of production costs      2017-3-27

    First, fabricA pair of jeans trousers need the fabric length: 1.2 meters, 1.4 meters of men's pants. Most of the most expensive fabrics in China's jeans are 26-28 per meter, which is the price of the priceSecond, workWork is the processing of the cost of sewing jeans and sewing thread used, the work of this one, cheap ...

  • The standard of good jeans      2017-3-27

    Jeans fabricA good pair of jeans, must be sexy, this is the most intuitive, most emotional indicators. In addition, the jeans fabric is also very important, too hard to wear the textile too uncomfortable, too soft and can not make a cowboy feeling, really good jeans wear like a part of the body.Most of the authentic bl...

  • Basic knowledge of jeans measurement      2017-3-26

    Basic knowledge of jeans measurementHow to measure your waist1, (male / female): low waist position and quantity along 2 inches below the navel.2, (male / female) in low waist: 1 inches below the navel in position along the volume degree is in low waist waist.3, (male / female) in the waist: Qi navel position along the...

  • Jeans sales skills      2017-3-26

    Jeans sales skillsJeans are all year round clothing, can reflect the beauty of the line, give people a sense of youthful vitality. Jeans are loved by people at low prices. But people's body shape is different, the clerk should be based on the specific circumstances of the customer shopping guide.1, the normal figureNor...