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  • Seven professional knowledge of jeans      2017-4-5

    Seven professional knowledge of jeans1, how to choose the color of jeans?Before the jeans of the organization and color are very simple, and now the denim fabric is also slowly fashion, in color has become rich. But basically or with indigo and blue black. The main reason is the effect of the blue after washing let peo...

  • The difference between tight jeans and slim jeans      2017-4-5

    Tight jeansSkinny jeans are a pair of jeans that are very close to each other.Product differentiationCompare with jeansSkinny jeans are more personal, and they look slim and slim. If it is a slender waist, can choose high waisted jeans.The slim jeans, pants type is described, through its special three-dimensional tailo...

  • Straight jeans to match what clothes      2017-4-1

    1, white jeans had a delightful temperament, very suitable for fresh girl commuter wear, shirt, chiffon shirt collocation or simple handbags, both neat and relaxed, the instant elongated leg curve.2, to build a modern light Cougar commuter equipment, choose a light blue jeans and white collocation is full of sense of d...

  • What are some tips for buying straight jeans      2017-4-1

    1, for shorter legs, is not to need to pay attention to the buttocks, legs crossed or size of flat pocket, so easy to make the legs show wide and shortened legs, should choose pants straight jeans with vertical lines at, if you are female, can also choose some long trousers, this is not only for jeans, pants also apply...

  • Jeans size comparison table jeans common code      2017-4-1

    Jeans size comparison table jeans common codeWaist: flat pants, tape around the waistline measured one week size.Hip circumference: the size of the transverse wound around the waist down 18CM.Classic Jeans (JUNTWO) size table (unit: cm)Trouser waistThe corresponding Shichi inch height (for reference) cm long hip pantsT...

  • What is the denim jacket with pants and jeans      2017-4-1

    Denim jacket autumn clothing with the necessary Oh, denim coat gives people the feeling is refreshing, capable, handsome personality full, autumn clothing with how to be able to reduce a cowboy coat? Anyway, for the denim jacket, Xiao Bian is very much like it, give people a refreshing, capable of feeling, with a very ...

  • Denim fabric dress and washing method      2017-3-30

    Denim is a dress that can be worn all year round:Firstly, according to the thickness of Jean, divided into 4.5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13.5, 14.5, 4.5 is very thin, is used to make the summer lady's vest, sleeveless shirt, and 14.5 have very thick winter men used to do cotton clip cotton can. And we often wear jeans mostly ...

  • How to wash the first color jeans      2017-3-30

    Let's say jeans, jeans is not without factory washing water, grinding, do break process, keep cloth itself color jeans, the original cloth is not hard cloth desizing,. To explain, is to denim sizing in the processing process, after sizing denim like cardboard as neat, some can even stand, this is to cut the processing ...