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  • Basic knowledge of jeans measurement      2017-4-7

    Basic knowledge of jeans measurementHow to measure your waist1, (male / female): low waist position and quantity along 2 inches below the navel.2, (male / female) in low waist: 1 inches below the navel in position along the volume degree is in low waist waist.3, (male / female) in the waist: Qi navel position along the...

  • Common sense about denim      2017-4-7

    Denim fabricDenim is dyed with indigo dyed yarn and the nature of the weft, using three on the right side of the twill weave woven into, generally can be divided into light, medium and heavy categories of the three. The width of the cloth is mostly between 114-152 cm.The traditional denim is a kind of pure cotton indig...

  • Pencil pair of jeans with a pair of shoes      2017-4-7

    Pencil pair of jeans with a pair of shoes1, boots are always the best partner of the pencil pants, so the winter or fall for your pencil pants also find a boot partner.2, sagging sweaters, and collocation pencil pants is good, overall showing a streamlined, well.3, collocation sweater cardigan, then an office package, ...

  • How to wash and maintain denim shorts      2017-4-6

    1, new denim shorts can bubble brineThe new jeans to buy, do not be so casual wash, to use 1 tablespoons (about 10G) salt into the cold water, the denim shorts soak for the first time in 10 hours, the next time the situation will be greatly reduced when washing fade.2, white vinegar used to lock colorNewly bought denim...

  • What do you need to pay attention to when buying denim shorts      2017-4-6

    1, find the right positionAfter the location of the bag will be different according to the waistline version of the difference, in general, the center of the pocket should be slightly higher than the highest point of the hip.2, looking for the right shapeAt first glance, the shape of the back of the bag is not too much...

  • The advantages of denim shorts      2017-4-10

    That is used to show the legs, don't be naive to believe that denim shorts collocation on the body requirements are particularly high, do not think that is not high enough thin not wear out stylish taste. Now become an indispensable part of the army, more loved by the stars.1, simple - it is comfortable and easy to wea...

  • Five tips for jeans      2017-4-5

    Many users only pay attention to get cheap jeans where, for the purchase of jeans is not skill. Blind only purchase, but ignored some of the most basic knowledge of the purchase, can only be difficult for their own business road. Here are five tips to buy jeans to help you choose the right and popular sources:1, to und...

  • Jeans buy N common sense      2017-4-5

    We say that the quality of jeans, mainly refers to its intrinsic quality, usually unrelated to the brand and style. The intrinsic quality of a pair of jeans, mainly by the quality of the fabric, version of the design, quality, water quality, processing quality and other aspects of the composition of materials. A pair o...