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  • Men's jeans how collocation      2017-3-13

    A man of the same sizeOptional dark slightly loose jeans, jeans and then wear a belt to form a waist belt. Wearing a blue blouse or coarse textured clothes, the waist is slender and some.Man with thick legsShould choose the line loose straight or larger jeans pants, dark blue or black can be, and to wear a belt, clothi...

  • Fabric quality is crucial for a pair of jeans      2017-3-13

    Jeans is a kind of very special clothing, its main feature is the life is very long, and the value of the products with the increase in life expectancy is constantly increasing, that is to say the old jeans, should actually be more valuable, but also more beautiful. The more beautiful the more washed, the older the mor...

  • Version (pants) is a concept, how to choose the version      2017-3-13

    Generally speaking, it is a pair of jeans in the pattern, all the data pieces and parameters. The style and quality of the version design directly affect the wearing comfort and beauty of a pair of jeans. Many consumers tend to confuse the style with the style.First of all, you have to choose a version, version of thei...

  • How to buy Jeans based on legs      2017-3-12

    How to choose jeans, today we first choose to buy jeans from the legsCigarette pants Hippie senseWho says smoking pants is only suitable for the full sense of the punk and hippie girl? A Lolita style jacket makes you cool and beautiful!To choose the gown collocation more insuranceTo wear pants good smoke, really just r...

  • How to identify high quality jeans when buying jeans      2017-3-12

    Tell you a few tricks to identify the trick of jeans:1, a stone mill, the fabric is soft, velvet cloth have a sense of fullness. Sewing hem worn white plane without grinding marks, color uniform.2, authentic jeans by indigo dye, colorless or striped fabric. After the stone has a bright bright, slightly red cloth, no si...

  • The evolution history of jeans fabric      2017-3-12

    Mainly in cotton denim, but also the development of the structure of a variety of raw materials, cotton, wool, silk, hemp is natural fiber, and chemical fiber blended, and elastic yarn, tight twist yarn, fancy yarn as raw material. Now more of the cotton, cotton and polyester cotton blended ammonia, ammonia content, hi...

  • Classification of women's trousers      2017-3-9

    1, according to the length: trousers and breeches(1) the length of the trousers is generally: 3 feet long, 3 feet, 1 inches long, 3 feet and 2 inches long, 3 feet long. (2): seven minutes of pants breeches (70cm length, 2 feet and 1 inches) eight pants (80cm length, 2 feet and 4 inches) nine pants (90cm length, 2 feet ...

  • The difference between the waist and waist of trousers.      2017-3-9

    The difference between the waist and waist of trousers.The waist jeans crotch is long waist high waist pants. Just want to buy things to look at the waist should be better than you usually wear out a little bit big waist slightly because of low waist pants will be relatively low!The waist jeans crotch is long waist hig...